It is crucial to think about not just the price of the data room but also its features. For example, a full-featured VDR will cost more than a simple one but may include advanced features such as auditing capabilities, document recovery and more. Also an online workspace with a number of security features, such as watermarking, two-factor authentication and a secure remote work environment will be more expensive than one that just offers basic file sharing.

The size of a project will also have an influence on the cost of a virtual data space. Some providers offer plans that allow for unlimited storage and users, which can be beneficial for extensive projects with a long timeline. Some providers charge monthly subscription fees which may be less or more expensive depending on the size or number of users.

Some vendors also offer packages contingent on the amount of documents that will be uploaded to the platform costing typically from $0.40 to $0.85 per page. This type of model could be beneficial for small projects with an unspecified or limited number of documents. It is worth comparing the costs of per-GB and per user options to get a better deal.

Other factors to take into account when evaluating data room pricing include integration with the customer service and the level of security provided by a solution. The most secure virtual data rooms are usually those that have a clear focus on the privacy of users which includes features such as the ability to customize permissions with multi-level encryption as well as strong auditing capabilities.

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